What is happening with Khedira’s future?

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The summer transfer window is coming to an end, and the main transfer news is that the main summer acquisition of the season is the acquisition of Khedir. The transfer of the player is a good news for the fans, because this player is one of the main strikers in the team.
The player was already in the squad of the Royal club since the start of the championship, and he is a key player in the line-up of the team, as he scored a lot of important goals.
However, the transfer of Kedir is not the only good news that the club has. The main news is the appointment of the new head coach of the club, who is a former player of the Red Devils.

The new coach of KHL is the former head coach, who managed to lead the team to the Champions League zone, and it is very important for the team that he is appointed as the head coach.
In the summer, the club tried to buy a new striker, but the club failed to buy the player, and Khediri was the main acquisition of summer.
This summer, there were a lot more transfers, and now the fans can follow the progress of the clubs in the transfer market.
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KHL news on the website
The latest news on KHL transfers is available on the site of sports statistics. The team of the former coach of Red Devils, Alexander Zverev, managed to get a good number of players, who are ready to play for the club.
Among the most interesting transfers are:
1. KHL 2.0.
2. Alexander Radulov.
3. Nikita Zadorov.
4. Maxim Lapshin.
5. Evgeny Svechnikov. All these players are ready for the start the season.
6. Alexey Yagodin. The player is ready for a new contract.
7. Dmitry Soloviev.
8. Sergei Karakurtsev. The young player is already getting used to the team and is ready to become a key part of the lineup.
9. Ilya Kovalchuk. The forward is ready, and his contract is set to expire in the summer. The club is ready not to buy him, because he is worth a lot.
10. Alexander Zverovich. The coach of this club managed to sign the player for a very good price. The contract is very good, and this player will be able to play in the NHL.
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Main transfer news for KHL
The club of Alexander Zveerovich managed to make a good transfer, and they managed to buy players for a good price, so the fans will be pleased with this. The most interesting players are:
1) Alexander Zadorin. He is a forward, who has a contract with the club for the next two seasons.
He is a young player, who will become a good part of Kovalchuck’s lineup. The price of the contract is not so high, and Zadorins is ready and will not leave the club in the next season. Zadoriins is a player who can become a star in the KHL.
Zadorin is a very interesting player, because the club of Zverech managed to acquire a forward who is ready in the future for the NHL, and who can play in a line with Kovaluktsch.
Another interesting transfer is Nikita Kovalenko. The KHL player is an excellent scorer, who can score a lot for the Kovalktsch, who needs to score a goal to get into the playoffs.
There are a lot to do in the season, and there are a good chance that the team will be in the playoffs, and will be ready to fight for the gold medals.
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How to follow the Khediris progress?
The fans of the Kaval players are waiting for the transfer, because they want to see the progress and the results of the players who are playing for the Red and Black.
One of the most important transfers is the transfer to the Kval. The new coach managed to bring a good player to the club who is able to become an important part of its lineup. This player is Niko Kovalic.
It is important for Kaval that he plays in the forward line, because there is a lot that the coach can do with this player.
For example, the coach managed a good game with him, and managed to score important goals for the coach. The fans will see the results in the coming season, when the team can fight for a place in the playoff zone.
Fans can follow Niko’ progress on the KVAL website.