Liverpool have made a bid for €20m rated player from Roma!

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The Italian club has recently signed a new player, who is rated by the experts at €20 million. The player is a forward from Roma, who has already played for the team. The price of the player is significantly lower than the one that the club is willing to pay.
The transfer of the new player will be a good opportunity for the club to strengthen its attack. The team has already managed to significantly improve its results, which allowed it to get into the Champions League zone. Now, it is looking for a new striker.

The player’s name is:
* Daniel Ceballos
* Jorginho
* Gattuso
* Mertens
* Simeone
* De Ligt
* Di Maria
* Kaka
* Modric
* Bale
* Mane
* Firmino
The list of the players who are going to join the team is long and impressive. The club has already signed a number of new players, who will join the lineup of the team in the near future.
Roma has recently been in a crisis, which led to the resignation of the head coach, who was replaced by the former Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane. The new coach managed to turn the tide of the crisis, but the club has not managed to win any trophies.
However, the new coach has managed to improve the results of the club. The fans are hoping that the team will be able to win the Champions league, which will be another good result for the fans.
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The new coach of the Roma has recently managed to solve the crisis of the Italian team. He has managed not only to improve his team’ performance, but also to get rid of the bad results of previous seasons.
Among the reasons for the success of the coach are:
1. High level of individual skills of the leaders.
2. Good teamwork.
3. Good tactical decisions.
4. Good selection of players.
5. Good motivation of the athletes.
6. Good preparation of the games.
7. Good relations with the fans and media.
8. Good results of other teams.
This is why the new Roma coach managed not to get the job of the main coach of Serie A.
In the new season, the team has a number 1 in the standings, which is a good result. The main goal of the fans is to see the team win the European Cup, which can be achieved by the following conditions:
· getting into the top 4 of the European football rankings;
· getting into a group with the teams that have already won the Cup;
· playing in the Champions Cup.
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