What has happened with Milik’s move to Napoli from Ajax?

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The transfer of Milik to Napoleons is a good opportunity for the club to strengthen its squad. The player has a good experience in the Netherlands and has already played in the Champions League. The club has a lot of young players who can be used in the future.
The main goal of the club is to win the Champions league again. The current season is a bit difficult for Napoli, as it is clear that the team has a serious problem with the defense. The team is not able to get into the playoffs, and the coach has to change his tactics.
In the current season, the club has to play with the following players:
* Gedson Fernandes;
* Fabinho;

* Simeone.
Milik is a player who can help the team to get to the playoffs. He is a midfielder, and he is able to make quick passes and create a goal. However, he has a shortcoming in the defense, so the team will have to find a solution to it.
Will Napoli get a good goalkeeper?
In addition to the defense problems, the team also has a problem with its goalkeeper. The problem is that the player is not a good choice for the position. He has a weak arm and does not have the necessary experience.
Napoli has a long bench, and this is another reason for the team not to get the desired result.

However, the goalkeeper is not the only problem for the Napoli team. The main problem is the lack of motivation. The players are not in the best shape, and they are not able even to play in the Europa League.
What is the future of the team?
The current season was not the best for Napoleonic. The coach has not managed to get a result in the domestic championship, and in the international arena, the players have not been able to show their maximum.
However the team is in a good shape, as the coach managed to strengthen the squad. This will allow the team, in the near future, to get results in the European arena.
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Who will replace Milik?
Milkovic is a young player who has already made a name for himself. He was a key player of the Serbian national team, and his performance in the national championship was very good.
He is a talented player who is able not only to score goals, but also to create chances for himself and his teammates. He also has good technique, and it is easy to learn from him.
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