Why Real Madrid should sign Higuain!

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The Spanish La Liga season is in full swing and the team of Zinedine Zidane has already managed to win the coveted European Cup. The team has also managed to qualify for the Champions League, which is a great achievement for a team that has been in the top-4 for a long time.
However, it is not the only thing that Real Madrid needs to do to get to the next level. The main goal of the team is to win La Liga again, which will allow it to compete for the coveted Champions League.
This summer, the club has been very active in the transfer market, and it has managed to sign several players who are expected to help the team in the long run. Among them are:
* David Silva;
* Gareth Bale;
* Isco;
* Marcelo;
and many others.
In the summer, Real Madrid also managed a number of transfers that will help the club in the near future. The most important of them are the following:
1. Depay. The Frenchman has already become a key player for the team, and he is now considered one of the main leaders of the club. He can also play on the left wing.
2. Jovic. The Serbian is a talented player who can also be used as a defensive midfielder.
3. Isco. The midfielder has already scored a lot of important goals for the club, and his potential is obvious.
4. Ramos. The Spaniard is a good goalkeeper, and the club is very confident that he will be able to become a good starter in the future.
The team has a number one priority now, and they need to do their best to win trophies. This is why they need a good defender, and this is what the club will get from the signing of Depay, Jovic, and Isco, who are all expected to become key players for the future of the Spanish La liga.

If Real Madrid manages to sign these players, it will be a great success for the Spanish team. The club will be in a good shape in the next season, and if it manages to win gold medals again, it can seriously consider the transfer of a player who is considered one the best defenders in the world.
Real Madrid’s chances of winning the Champions league
The main goal for the Madrid team is the Champions club tournament. In the current season, the team has managed not to win it, but it has a good chance of getting to the playoffs. This can be achieved by winning the Spanish championship, because the team will be more confident and will be ready to fight for the gold medals.
Of course, the main goal is to get into the Champions tournament, but the team also needs to win other trophies, because it is impossible to win all trophies at once.
It is important for the Real Madrid team to win at least one trophy in order to be able compete for gold medals in the upcoming season. The last time the team won the Champions trophy was in 2002.
Among the other trophies that Real needs to get, the most important ones are the Spanish Cup and the Spanish Super Cup.
Spanish Cup
The most important trophy for the current Madrid team are the cups of the national team. However, it should be mentioned that the team needs to be more focused in order not to lose points in other tournaments.
At the end of the season, Real has a very good chance to win one of these cups. The first of them is the Spanish cup, because this is a tournament where the team can win gold.
There is no doubt that the Madrid club will win this trophy, because they have a good lineup and are very confident in the game. The key players of the squad are: Ramos, Isco and Depay who can all be considered the leaders of their team.
If the team manages to get a good result in the Spanish tournament, it may be able win the cup, too. The Cup of Spain is a prestigious tournament that is held every year. The Madrid team has already won it once, and many experts believe that it will happen again.
Therefore, the current team of Cristiano Ronaldo has a great chance of winning this cup. The Portuguese player is a key figure of the current squad, and so far he has managed a great game.
He is able to make a number in the air, and that is why he is considered a great player. He has already played in the Champions cup, and now he is able not only to play in the best clubs, but also to score goals.
Due to this, the Madrid squad is considered to be one of top clubs in the entire world. The current season has already shown that it is possible to win titles and not only the Champions one.
Will Real Madrid win the Champions Cup?
The current season of the Champions is very important for Real Madrid, because if it fails, it won’t be able even to get in the playoffs, which means that the club won”t be in the elite division.
As for the chances of the Madrid players to win this cup, it depends on how the team performs in the current tournament. If the team wins, it has an excellent chance to get the cup.