Why Real Madrid and Barcelona don’t want Neymar back!

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The transfer of Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain to Barcelona has been a success for the Catalan club. The Brazilian has already scored 10 goals in the last season, and the club has already won the La Liga title.
The player has already become a symbol of success for Real Madrid, and now the club is ready to pay a high price for him.
Real Madrid is ready for any transfer, and it is ready not to miss Neymar. The player is the main star of the team, and his departure will be a real loss for the club.

However, the club does not want to lose its main star, and so it is willing to pay the price of a successful transfer. Real Madrid has already signed a number of players for the next season, including:
* Pablo Sarabia;
* Sergio Regilio;
* Sergio Regueiro;
* Kevin Volland.
However the club still has a number that it does not have: the contract with the player’s agent.
This is another reason why Real Madrid does not intend to buy Neymar, but rather to sign a replacement for him, who will be able to play in the team.
Will Real Madrid buy a new star?
The club has a good chance to sign one of the following players:
1. Javier Hernandez.
2. Cristiano Ronaldo.
3. Gareth Bale.
4. Keylor Navas.
5. Dani Carvajal.
6. Sergio Ramos.
7. Marcelo.
8. Thomas Lemar.
9. Pablo Sarri.
10. Sergio Reguero.
11. Luka Modric.
12. Isco.
13. Marcelo’s contract is due to expire in 2020.
14. Isidro.
15. Dani Ceballos.
16. Alvaro Morata.
17. Isolani.
18. Sergio Busquets.
19. Isong.
20. Dani Alves.
21. Dani Carrasco.
Real has a lot of options, and this is another good reason why the club will not buy Neymer.
What is the reason for Real’s decision not to buy the player?
Real does not feel that buying Neymar will be easy, because the player has a contract with his agent that will expire in 2019. However, the player is not going to leave the club, and he is ready and willing to sign an extension.
Moreover, the team has a large number of options for the position of a new player. This is another advantage of the club’s decision.
In addition, Real Madrid will not miss the player, because he has already played for the team for a long time.
It is also worth noting that Real Madrid is a club that is ready, and not only for the transfer of a player.
If Real Madrid wants to keep its main stars, it has to buy a replacement.
Who will be the replacement for Neymar?
Now, it is clear that Real will not be able buy a star, but it is also clear that the club can sign a player who will replace Neymar in the lineup.
Among the options for a new Neymar replacement, we can highlight:
路 Sergio Regua;
路 Sergio Reguerio; and

路 Luka.
Of these, Regua is the most likely to succeed. The club has signed the player for a relatively small amount, but he has a very good contract.
He has already managed to score several goals for the Spanish national team, which is another plus for the player. Regua has already been able to show his skills in the national team for several years.
Another advantage of Regua over other candidates is that he is a young player. He is able to improve his game, and soon he will be ready to show himself in the starting lineup. This will be another advantage for the new player, and Real Madrid can count on a successful season.
Where can Real Madrid sign Regua?
Regua is a player that Real can sign, because there is a good demand for a young and talented player. The price of the player will be low, and there is no doubt that the player can become a good replacement for the departing Neymar at the club of Real Madrid.
After the transfer, the price for the signing of Reguera will be even lower, because Real Madrid already has a player in the squad that can play in his position.
There is also a good possibility that Real Real Madrid could sign Regueta, because this player is a very talented player who is able improve his skills.
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