Why don’t Real Madrid sign Hazard?

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It is clear that the French player is one of the main contenders for the Golden Ball. However, the club is not in a position to buy the player. The club is in the middle of a crisis and it is difficult to buy players in the current market.
Real Madrid is not the only club that is interested in Hazard. Manchester United has also been linked with the player, although the club has not yet made a serious bid for the player and it does not have the financial resources to do so.
The player is not only the main contender for the golden ball, but he is also one of Real Madrid’s main assets. The team needs a new leader, and Hazard is the perfect candidate.

The Hazard Transfer
The transfer of the player from Chelsea to Real Madrid is a good move for the club. The player is a great defender, and the team needs to strengthen its defense. The previous season, the team was in the Champions League, and this season it will be much more difficult.
However, the player is still a good buy for the team. He is not a star player, but his skills are good enough for the position. It is important for the Madrid team to buy a new defender, as the previous season the team did not have one.
It was clear that Hazard was not going to join Real Madrid, but the club still has a chance to buy him. The cost of the transfer is not high, and it will allow the club to buy other players.
Will the player leave Chelsea?
The club is trying to buy Hazard, but it is not clear if the player will leave the team or not. The transfer of Hazard is a clear sign that the club wants to strengthen the team’ defense.
Chelsea has a good squad, and now it is clear who the main candidate for the transfer of a player is. Hazard is not just a defender, but also a midfielder. The Chelsea team needs someone to play in the center of the field.
Hazard is a player who can fill the role of a midfielder, and he is the main star of the team now. The star player of the previous seasons was Eden Hazard, who joined the team in the summer.
In the current season, Chelsea has a lot of problems, and many of the players are not playing at their best. The main problem of the club this season is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of playing in the Europa League, as well as the Champions league.
If the club does not want to lose points in the English Premier league, it needs to start playing better. The last season, it was clear who was the main favorite of the tournament, and Chelsea lost to Liverpool in the final.
Now, the main rival of the Blues is Tottenham, and they have a lot more motivation. It will be interesting to see who will win the title this season.
Team’ Prospects in Second Half of Season
The team is in a difficult position, as it is in transition from the Champions to the Europa league. The first half of the season was not successful for the Chelsea team, as many players left the team and joined other clubs.
This is the reason why the team lost points in several tournaments, and is now in a situation where it needs a change. The new coach of the Chelsea is Antonio Conte, who is trying his best to improve the team, and to get the club into the Champions’ league. It seems that the team is going to be able to do this, and in the second half of this season, we can expect a lot from the team that has a new coach.
Conte’ Team Prospects
Convenient information is available on the website of sports statistics, where you can find the results of the matches of the current seasons. The coach of Chelsea has been in charge for a few seasons, and his team is already a good team.
At the moment, the coach of Conte is trying not to lose the points in matches against the top teams of the Premier league. In the Europa tournament, the Chelsea have a good chance to win, and if the team can get into the next round, it will have a chance of getting into the Europa.
You can always follow the results on the sports statistics website. The information is updated in real time, and you can always find the latest information.
Main Competitors of Chelsea
The main competitor of the new coach is Liverpool. The Merseysiders are a team that is in great shape, and there is no doubt that the new season will be a lot better for them.
Liverpool has a great squad, as its main star is the player Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian player has already played for the national team, so he is a real star.
Also, the players have a great potential, and even if they do not have a long bench, they can play a lot. The Liverpool players are in a good shape, as they are in the Premier League, where they have already won several titles.
Manchester City is another team that can compete with Liverpool in a long tournament distance. The Citizens have a strong squad, which is able to compete with the Merseysides.
New Season for Chelsea
In a new season, Conte� will have to do his best, as he has a difficult task.