Is this the end of Higuain era in Napoli?

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The Napoli season has come to an end, but the fans are still waiting for the answer to the question of who will be the new leader of the team. The previous season the team was led by the legendary Gianfranco Zola, who was considered to be the main contender for the title. However, the team failed to win the title, and the fans were left with the impression that the club had no future.
However, the new season has brought a lot of positive news for the team, and it is now considered to have a good chance of winning the championship.
The main goal of the new Napoli is to win a place in the European Cup zone, and this is a great opportunity for the club to demonstrate its great potential. The team has a good selection of players, which allows it to play at a high level.

The season has ended, and now the fans have the opportunity to analyze the results of the previous season. It is now much easier to follow the results, as they are available on the sports statistics website.
Who Will Be The New Napoli Leader?
The previous season Napoli was led for a long time by the famous coach of the club, Zola. However this season the club is now led by former Juventus player, Gennaro Gattuso.
In the previous campaign the team managed to win 4 trophies, but this time the fans of the Italian team are hoping for more. The new Napolians have a very good lineup, which should allow them to achieve great results.
Gattusso has already managed to lead the team to the final of the Champions League, and he is confident that he will be able to achieve even greater results. The coach has already shown that he is able to make the most of the situation.
Napoli’s New Goals
The new season of the championship of Italy promises to be interesting, and Gattuso’ team has everything necessary to achieve its goals. The main goal is to qualify for the Champions’ League, but they have a number of other ambitions.
One of them is to enter the Europa League, which is a competition for the best teams from the lower divisions of the European football. This competition is very important, because it allows the teams to demonstrate their skills and get some experience before they enter the main European tournament.
This season the Napoli team will have to compete against:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
and so on.
It is also worth noting that the team will be led by Gattiso for the first time, so this will be a good opportunity to show what the team has to offer.
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Latest Results Of The Season
The team has already won the Europa Cup, and in the new campaign they will have a chance to win another trophy. The fans can follow the latest results on the site of sports analytics.
Liverpool is the most likely opponent of the Napolitans, because the team is considered to play a good game. However the team of Zlatan Ibrahimovic is also a good candidate for the victory. The Swede has already played for the Liverpool, and his experience will be very useful for the Napoles.
Another team that the Napoleons should consider is Manchester City. The club has a very bright squad, and they are considered to perform well. However it is worth noting the fact that the players of the Citizens are not always at their best.
Of course, the main goal for the new team is to get into the Champions’ League zone, but it is also important to win in the Europa league.
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Main Intrigues Of The New Season Of The Champions League
The Champions League is the main international club tournament, and there are a lot to choose from. The competition is extremely intense, and a win in any of the rounds is a real achievement.
Among the main intrigues of the season, there is a strong desire to enter a direct fight for the champion title. This is the reason why the clubs have already started to strengthen their lines, and many of them have already managed it.
For example, the following teams have already made a significant progress this season:
1. Liverpool. The Merseysiders have managed to get a good lineup that allows them to play in the Champions Cup. The squad has a lot in common with the main competitors of the Reds, and if the team manages to win it, it will be an excellent result.
2. Chelsea. The Blues have a strong lineup, and their main goal this season is to be in the top-4 of the EPL.
3. Manchester City, which has already reached the Champions league zone. The Citizens are considered the main favorites of the tournament, but their rivals have already strengthened their lines.
4. Barcelona. The Catalans have a great lineup, but there is still a long way to go before the end.