Ibrahimovic to leave Milan and join Barcelona?

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The transfer ban of Zinedine Zidane from the French club has been lifted and the club is now actively negotiating with the player.
The fact that the player has not yet signed a contract with the team is another reason for the club to consider the transfer of the player to the Catalan club.
However, it is not clear yet if the player will join the team, because the club has not signed a deal with him.
Barcelona has a number of players who are ready to join the club, such as:
· Pablo Sarabia;
· Luis Suarez;
· Jordi Alba.
This list is not complete, because many of them are not ready to leave their clubs.
If the player is not able to join Barcelona, then he will have to find another club, because he is not yet a free agent.
Will the player join the Blau Granas?
The player has already stated that he will not join the French team, but he has not given any details about his future destination.
In the summer, the player was able to leave the Parisians, because of which he was able not to play in the Champions League.
He will have a chance to play for the team in the future, because they are in the Europa League. The team has a good lineup, which can be strengthened by the transfer.

However the club will have difficulties to find a new player, because it does not have a lot of money.
It is also important to note that the club does not want to lose the player, who is one of the main stars of the team.
Who will replace the player?
In order to find the right solution, it will be necessary to wait for the start of the new season.
At the moment, the team has only two players who can replace the Zidanes, because:
1. Lionel Messi;
2. Diego Costa.
Both players are in their 30s, which is not enough for the new coach to make a big transfer. However, the club can pay a high price for this, because both players are very expensive.
For example, the cost of Messi is estimated at 100 million euros, and the cost for Costa is estimated as 100 million.
Such a price is too high for the situation of the club. The club needs to find an alternative for the player in the next season. If he leaves the team for another club then it will not be a failure, because there will be a good team to play with.
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* buying a new defender.
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